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The Puggle, also known as a pug beagle mix (due to its purebred parents), is a loving, social and affectionate dog which is quickly becoming one of the most popular dog crosses in the US.

Puggle Puppies for Adoption, Buy Puggle Puppies are people-lovers and should live indoors with the family, not outside. So long as they’re indoor dogs and get enough exercise, they can adapt to any living situation, including apartments — although they can bark a lot. Some even have a tendency to howl, a trait they inherit from their Beagle parent.

Puggles and kids, even small children, usually get along well together, since the puggle’s need for frequent attention and exercise make them engaging and entertaining companions. Puggles are also very affectionate and, like beagles, love to run.

Socializing your puppy is a very easy task due to their natural intelligence, curiosity and social nature.

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